Success stories: Paul

Director, Paul Phillips, looks back on his career and discusses what attracted him to join Interim Partners.

My journey

I joined Interim Partners in June 2011 having spent 10 years as specialist Finance recruiter in the Mid-market. Having dealt with progressively more senior roles, I knew I wanted to progress my career at the Executive level, and the Interim market was the natural choice. I wanted to work with clients and candidates that respect our input and genuinely wanted to build partnerships and colleagues who were experienced and highly-skilled but still fun!

Having met the key players in the Executive Interim market I was delighted to accept the offer from Interim Partners because it had demonstrated it was a progressive, innovative company that was still growing. I liked the fact Interim Partners was independent, not beholden to an executive search ‘Big Brother’ for its work and had a settled management team.

The friendly, collaborative and fun environment appealed to me as it felt like all of the best elements of the businesses I had worked in before without the downsides of a big, transaction recruitment business.

Interim Partners also benefits from a strong brand, is consistently highly-scored in the IIM polls and is a ‘go to’ name at the top of the Executive Interim market.

The support to develop

Having had a very successful first 18 months in the business and made a number of steps in the transition from mid-market to Executive recruiter I was promoted from Senior Consultant to Principal at the beginning of 2013 while we were all away on a work ski trip in the Alps!

Sadly, 2013 turned out to be a tough year for me as had learnt many of skills needed at this level but clearly not all of them! I had directly transferred my skill set to the Interim market which got me part of the way but not all the way!

I had to work very hard and learn some tough lessons to develop into a fully-fledged Executive Interim provider, but I benefited from the support my managers and peers gave me during this time, and all that hard work resulted in a great 2014 and 2015 and, ultimately, my promotion to Director.

We are growing - fast

Having been here for 6 years and developed into part of the furniture, I am now building a team in the Infrastructure, Business & Support Services sector that will dominate the market. With my personal journey I believe I can expedite the transition from a different market into the Executive Interim market and ensure that, with the right attitude and work ethic, I can help make anyone that joins Interim Partners successful.

If you’re keen to find out more about my journey and how your career could develop at Interim Partners, please get in touch


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