Charlotte Harrison

Charlotte leads the NHS practice at Interim Partners, part of New Street Group, providing high-calibre interim talent to the sector. With over a decade of experience in working with the NHS, Charlotte has built an impressive and extensive network across the healthcare industry. 

At Interim partners, we understand that the NHS is being asked to do more for less, and recognise that the 'one size fits all' approach to executive recruitment and talent management doesn't work. Our consultants work with each client to truly understand their challenges and unique needs. We provide a tailored solution that moves the needle and delivers real change. We focus on quality, due diligence with a desire to develop lasting relationships with both client and candidates. We hand-pick the interim managers from our network to meet the specific requirements of the role specification, delivering the qualities and capabilities to lead, transform and deliver improvements to patients.

Prior to joining Interim Partners, Charlotte has managed both healthcare and policy teams to recruit to the public sector, and is passionate about effecting real change within the NHS. 


For interim executives

Please note that we don't accept CV's sent directly by email, however we would love for you to join our interim community. To apply for an assignment please register here and follow through with the application process.

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