Our Office

Investing in people

We are committed to providing continuing training and development for our staff and colleagues have access to courses relevant to their roles. We occasionally cover the cost of longer qualifications and courses as an investment for the business, as well as the individual.

We are keen to offer opportunities to young people who are starting out and are interested in working for a dynamic and fast-paced company.   

Working with local training providers, we employ apprentices at the London and Harrogate offices and hope to grow this programme. We believe that apprenticeships are a great way to build skills and experience while earning a salary. Our apprentices have the opportunity to try out different areas of the business and work with more than one department. For those who excel in the environment, there are fantastic career opportunities with the business.

We will continue to employ at least two apprentices a year, providing quality work-based opportunities to young people aged 16 -24 years. This is a great springboard into the world of work and an initiative we are passionate about. 

Our green office

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and continue to look at ways to make Interim Partners a greener, more sustainable, place to work and further reduce our carbon footprint.

Travel: We encourage staff to, where possible, walk or cycle to work and to use public transport for longer journeys. We currently employ the Government’s ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme. In London seven employees currently benefit from this scheme and we continually encourage staff to take this up.

We use teleconference facilities regularly to avoid unnecessary travel. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle: We are working towards being a paperless office to minimise consumption of natural resources. Our goal is to recycle 80% of all waste in the office by 2019. We do not use plastic cups and have dishes and utensils that staff can use and wash.

Energy efficiency: We continue to urge staff to turn off all PCs and other equipment at the end of the working day and during the day when not sat at the desk. Our offices are located in a ‘Smart Building’ with lights that automatically turn off when not in use.

We have ISO 14001, an internationally accepted standard for effective environmental management systems.

Our Green Champions: We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our business through a reduction in consumption and conserving resources. To do this, we have a green committee with employee ‘champions’ who meet quarterly and monitor our impact on the environment and how we can further reduce our carbon footprint. 

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