The difference between good and great

We measure the performance of our interim managers – all the people we place are very good – some are truly exceptional.

How can we help you measure the difference?

We have always been interested in the difference between good and great.

We believe we are a good company; and we strive to be a great one. Likewise our Interim Managers are keen to understand the marginal difference between doing a good job and delivering great work.

Being good within a role is often expected and demanded, however delivering great work that sits above expectation truly delights. Being great requires a broad mix of skills, from intellect and experience through to personality type and resilience.

Since our inception in 2003, our defining challenge has been insuring our Interim Managers deliver a great return on investment. Our clients want great results and we want to support them in this aim.

In order to really understand great outcomes we must first identify specific and measurable assignment objectives, test that these outcomes are attainable and measure the time and investment required to achieve them. It is through measuring performance and understanding the key ingredients that we can deliver great outcomes.

To help us with this aim we have created our performance management system, Return on Interim (or 'ROI').

We look forward to seeing how clients and interim managers use the system and start to build an ever clearer picture of what great looks like - and what the components that contribute to it are.

We hope you share some of our excitement and provide us with your feedback via

See this blog post for more on measuring success and the difference between great and good. 

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