Interim lawyer

Interim lawyers have background ranging across a broad spectrum of legal experiences and knowledge. Businesses can greatly benefit from interim legal professionals to manage and cope with large scale change. With regulation on major sectors increasing, we are witnessing a higher demand on interim professionals to ensure best practice and oversee organisational change. 

Interim lawyers have a particular set of skills which covers broad spectrums of the legal sector, making them ideal for covering a range of activities in sectors across: 

  • Banking 
  • Finance 
  • Public services 
  • Law firms 
  • International commercial businesses  

Interim lawyers are deployable at a short notice, and have a broad skillset with niche knowledge to compliment this. Interim lawyers are expected to perform a range of duties and activities, which can include: 

  • Drafting distribution agreements 
  • Negotiating investment management 
  • Assisting with ISDA agreements negotiation 
  • Offering advice on UK and EU regulations and frameworks 
  • Providing roust and scenario based advice 
  • Supporting face to face negotiations and enforce compliance where applicable 
  • Composition of contracts 
  • Providing strategic advice 
  • Researching and amending existing policies 

The overall essential need for an interim lawyer stems from the increased need for legal advice during times of organisational restructuring and changes. Hiring an interim lawyer can be a cost effective method of ensuring compliant and legal proceedings during periods of change or new business. 

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