Return on Interim


Our unique approach helps you show the impact you are having and the value you are delivering.We offer our clients pricing based upon performance.

We know the difference between a good and a great outcome and can ensure you receive higher rewards for great outcomes.

This can only be achieved through our Return on Interim (ROI) methodology.

We are changing the face of Interim Management. For good.


Positive Outcomes 

Too many interim providers and resourcing companies focus on the skills and experience required for an assignment, yet have little understanding of the clients' goals and desired outcomes.

Interim Partners sits in a space beyond resourcing companies and alongside consulting companies. We understand that identification of an excellent interim manager is only the first stage of a journey. Whilst it is a desired outcome for a recruitment firm in partnership with an interim manager, it is not the desired outcome for our clients.

Our business offers an entirely different approach where we agree key objectives, assess and understand the true value add, track milestones and performance online and ultimately ensure a positive outcome is achieved for both our client companies and interim managers.


Enhancing returns for our Interim Community 

Performance related pay exists in all executive level positions and we believe this should be no different for the interim community. Our interim managers have outstanding track records and deliver tremendous results.

We expect them to deliver good results even in challenging circumstances. However, if you deliver exceptional work which involves saving greater amounts of time or money, you should be rewarded accordingly.

Through ROI we work hard to understand the difference between good and great outcomes at the very beginning of an assignment and this provides the opportunity to increase returns to our Interim Community.

It should be noted that our intention is not to put at risk elements of a day rate for good performance, but to create the platform that provides greater returns when client expectations are surpassed. 



On completion of assignment we review impact, performance against objectives, knowledge transfer and assignment outcomes - all to measure the Return on Interim.


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