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What is your New Year resolution?

Happy New Year!

Like many of my colleagues – I have decided to have a dry January – and potentially raise a little money in the process.

For the avoidance of doubt – having a dry January is one without alcohol. I will still be visiting my local swimming pool with my children and the shower at home will still be seeing some action. Avoiding a few beers will hopefully contribute to my resolution of being fitter and healthier.

I have numerous business goals and a strong team at Interim Partners to help me achieve them.

I am with my colleague Scott Hutchinson – when he describes in his latest blog the importance of SMART goals – specific/ measurable/ attainable/ realistic and time specific. Indeed all the team at IP work to business plans that are full of SMART goals and great ideas for 2015.

Other than a healthy lifestyle and continuing to grow our recruitment businesses, I have a couple of slightly more specific goals for 2015- run a marathon and complete a house renovation – I am also determined to enjoy myself along the way. Hitting the goal is extremely important but so is the enjoying the journey.

Hope you are well rested following the Christmas break and are enjoying the start of the New Year? Do you have any New Year resolutions you would like to share and have they survived the few weeks of January?

Doug Baird is the Managing Director at Interim Partners.

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