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Our Success in 2017?

You have probably already read about what many believe to be the factors that will affect our lives and the economy in 2017. I could talk about Trump, Brexit, climate change and Islamic terrorism, then find a way to shoe horn in a bit of Interim Management and ideally our methodologies. “Tricky”– I hear you say - “could be a bit of a stretch!”

On the subject of Trump, Brexit, climate change and terrorism - only one of the four poses a significant threat to mankind. It’s climate change. We have the potential to overcome the other challenges, but I will save that for another blog.

So what’s going to affect you in 2017?

As I look through my prism of the market, performance of my colleagues, the competition and legislation, these are all important factors to consider. But if I could distil down to one dominating factor, what could it be? Pondering over the Christmas period, it occurred to me that I had left out the single biggest ingredient in my ability to succeed or fail: myself. I was then reminded of one of school teachers who once said: “If not you, who? If not now, when?” “Oh dear”, I thought, “personal accountability!”

Over the last ten years I have had lots of fun running businesses. They can consume you whole and give you a few grey hairs, but largely they are an interesting and worthy challenge to wrestle with.  

Of the successful moments (they have been a few to be thankful for) and unsuccessful ones (plenty of those too), I know that these times were determined by the quality of the decisions I had taken. Had I confronted the challenge or kicked it into the long grass? Had I been wilfully destructive or remained focused? Had I put in the extra effort, paying attention to even the smallest details?

2017 will definitely be about collaboration with others and external factors will come into play. But I believe for me, and many of the clients and candidates we work with, it will be down to us, the quality of our decisions and the effort we make that will determine our success.

I really hope the year has got off to a flying start for you. If it hasn’t, you still have (at time of writing) the best part of eleven months to put it right. Don’t let anything get in your way (not even Trump) into making this your best year yet.

P.S. In case you haven’t heard, we have improved the communication of our ROI methodology on our website. I hope you like it, feedback is always welcome. I told you I would squeeze it in.  

Doug Baird is the Chief Executive of Interim Partners. 

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