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The power of authenticity and team work

Interim partners had an excellent strategy day recently, reminding ourselves of the important corner stones of our business. Our Vision and Mission. It was great to see the team fired up in action.

Be brave

Our vision: To change the face of interim management. For good.

Our mission: To deliver outstanding interim professionals who materially influence organisational performance.

We created our vision and mission back in 2013. It was a huge effort involving a number of full days organised over many months. Before I elaborate further - I would like to thank all those that helped us create them, many still with us, some no longer but their contributions still fondly remembered.

So why did a few statements coupled with an examination of culture and values take so long? Couldn't we have just pulled some buzz words or stolen some ideas? Surely there could have been some short cuts to months of thinking about who we were and what we trying to do?

We didn't and we couldn't, because even when we were a less mature business with many short comings we were still honest and authentic. 

Discussing our vision and mission was journey of self discovery.  Many of us believed our goal was to delight our clients and candidates and make money. Nothing wrong with these aims - they are pretty obvious if you want to stay in business. However, we went much further and asked ourselves what sort of business we were and what sort of business we wanted to be. We analysed the difference between those two points and created a plan to close the gap.

We understood that our company values needed to change if we were to grow. After much debate we agreed on:

  • Visionary
  • Brave
  • Collaborative
  • Honourable
  • Genuine

We had good reasoning underpinning all of them. We then set about embedding them into our business.

Our team are passionate advocates of our Values. We discuss them during the interview/ presentation stage for new hires and we measure progress against them in our appraisals. They are in our business plans and determine promotion. They are visualised in murals across our office walls and our meeting rooms are themed around them. Our team wants walk the walk, not just talk the talk. I am proud that there is genuine authenticity to our values and how we live them.

Which brings me onto our mission. Even at the establishment of our company we never wanted to be “me too” business. We wanted to be different and unique but only in a way that could benefit our clients, consultants and interim managers. To be really successful in realising our Vision and Mission we developed our Return on Interim methodology.

Changing the face of Interim Management for good means we must show leadership within a competitive field. To achieve this, we spent from 2013 to 2015 refining our methodology and building an integrated digital platform, that allowed us to deliver blended teams of Consultants and Executive Interim Managers.

It allows our Clients and ourselves to review progress against complex objectives and milestones and ensure outstanding outcomes were delivered. Importantly it gave us the ability to create different pricing strategies, where our Associates were financially incentivised to exceed expectations. We want to attract the very best Consultants and Interim Managers to us for the benefit of our clients and we all know that exceptional people delivering amazing outcomes don’t want to settle for mediocre returns!

We still have many years left on our journey to improve the sector we entered in 2003. However, I doubt we could have travelled so far without a total focus on our values and a clear Vision and Mission.

Have we changed the face of Interim Management for Good? I believe many of our ideas have. I certainly know that for our competitors to follow our proposition it will take significant time, money and energy should they wish to.

Have our team delivered outstanding interim professionals who materially influence organisational performance? Of that I am certain. 

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