Interim Partners voted UK's Best Interim Provider

We have again been crowned the UK's Best Interim Provider. The Institute of Interim Management's annual survey canvassed the views of 2,300 Interim Managers, who cast over 40,000 votes between them.

Interim Partners has taken 1st or 2nd in each of the last five years, with our consultants dominating the top consultant rankings.

Number One Interim Provider

Doug Baird comments:

"A big thank you to everyone who rated us in this year's survey. We are delighted to have re-gained the top spot. It means a lot that Interim Managers up and down the country (and further afield!) have reciprocated the appreciation we feel for them. 

We have been on quite a journey in our desire to innovate within the sector. Our efforts have centred around better understanding our clients' needs, measuring and analysing performance, and delivering great outcomes. 

Our team are continually trying to raise the bar, and we have made a huge investment in technology, both proprietary and third party. By getting the largely unseen infrastructure right - the people, the processes, the methodology - we consistently achieve better results.

Our investment is paying off. Clients are embracing our methodology, and our Interim Managers are seeing higher rates of return. And we won't stand still. The next 12 months will see more innovation, more passion and - with the help of our amazing community of Interim Managers - more fantastic results."

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