Sunday Times Top 100 ranking fuels optimism

Interim Management company, Interim Partners, is describing an optimistic year in 2009 on the back of its success in the 2008 Sunday Fast Track 100. 

This annual league table, sponsored by Virgin, ranks the UK’s 100 fastest growing private companies on sales value during a three year period. The 2008 list, published last month (December 2008), included Interim Partners for the first time and ranked the company 13th. In the past four years Interim Partners has grown at a compound rate of 137%, raising its turnover from £0.48m in 2004 to £9.5 million in 2008.

“To be included in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 in the first year that we have been eligible for entry is a major achievement, and to be in 13th position is a tremendous accolade,” says Interim Partners’ managing director Doug Baird.

Set up five years ago, Interim Partners has a team of senior executives based in the company’s Harrogate and London offices and places interim managers across the UK and internationally.

“We have developed a broad portfolio of expertise across key areas of business management,” adds Mr Baird. “And within these sectors we offer a high standard of candidate with specialist knowledge and experience.”

Mr Baird is optimistic that Interim partners will continue to grow in 2009. “The company is well placed to help businesses through the economic downturn that we are currently experiencing,” he adds. “We have a number of managers and directors with experience in managing change and turnaround within companies and organisations and who have a proven track record in previous recessions.

“And as many businesses re-evaluate and restructure I anticipate a demand for experienced Interim Partners’ candidates in these areas to help companies adapt to the changing conditions and meet new demands.”


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