Focus on Commissioning & Commissioning Providers

I work with an Interim Partners health practice. Within that I have a national remit. I look after all of the commissioning and commissioning support. I have colleagues who look after the provider side.


Within that, it essentially looks across all of the niche roles that our specialists do within the healthcare environment, and also in addition to any of the back operate, corporate C-level functions, chief finance officers, HR directors, those sorts of people.


I find the health sector absolutely fascinating. I really enjoy it. As a sector, it's full of change, it's constantly evolving, and therefore quite a buoyant industry for interim support.


Within the health sector I see the main challenges as being the constantly evolving political landscape.


I think one of the challenges has been historically that every parliament that comes in, or every new government rather that comes in, sees the NHS as one of the organizations which they really want to try to put their stamp on. It's close to everybody's heart since everybody is essentially a customer of our health service - 65 years in as it is.


And I think it's one of the organizations therefore that have to be part of this continual change process. That means that the people within it are often part of newly formed organizations as they evolve through time.


Currently we are twelve months into a new shape of our system which maybe evolving again in time, depending on how things progress at the moment.


Yes, there are some client success stories that am happy to share. We have done quite a lot of work with the newly formed commissioning support units, which are essentially a type of organization which is being set up out of the old primary care trusts to deliver services to a set of clinical commissioning groups, they are essentially their customers.


It the first foray for the NHS into a more truly commercially focused organization and they therefore have been quite reliant on interim support, bringing in people with commercial experience to help them understand their new role as a commercially focused organization.


One of the London based CSUs we have done a lot of work with in over last 12 months, and they have been very pleased with the types of interims that we have provided across a range of different backgrounds.

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