Focus on Provider Organisations

So the sector that I work in is the healthcare practice. So mainly, my clients are NHS organizations around the country. My focus is particularly with community and mental health trusts and then I have a few select acute trusts in the south of England. Broadly speaking, I help trusts in three main areas. Firstly, to help deliver financial or operational performance improvements. Secondly, to deliver planned or forced change. Then thirdly, to cover a long-term substantive gap or support a current member of staff that's there at the moment.


The sector is really new for me. I've only been in it a little while now but I do actually find it quite fascinating. The NHS is a very large organization with lots of smaller organizations across the country; very, very diverse. Their customer basis is extremely diverse as well and constantly changing. That's the main thing that drives interim use. So for me, the NHS is a really great market to be in for interims because it just drives massive change.


I think the main challenges facing the clients I deal with are all around cost improvements. So many of the trusts are financially trying to save money. But at the same time, make sure that the patient experience is still high on their agenda. So cutting costs, finding new ways of working, improving efficiencies are the biggest challenges for the trust right now.


The success stories for me, I've recently made a very high-level placement. They were looking for an interim director of estates to work on a short-term basis whilst they recruited permanently. The client had been through quite a number of different recruitment processes and wasn't able to find the right person. I took on the challenge and offered them a slightly different solution whereby I found somebody that had actually worked in the private sector, so not actually directly with the NHS. The skills and talent that this guy had was actually very transferable to what my client was looking for. So they brought him in on a three-month basis to try it out and it went very well. He's recently been offered a permanent job there which he's accepted, so they have filled the post substantively as well.


A typical client and assignment. Well, it looks that they are all very, very different. For me, I think where I'm best placed to help my clients is when they have a challenge that they're particularly struggling to unpick and basically deliver on. So my typical assignment will be of that nature. It will be a position that is around about six to nine months, project-based or operationally-based, where my client is looking for somebody to come in and perform and turn around a particular situation. So it could be something that is failing on their target side where they need somebody to come in and work out why the NHS is not particularly hitting their targets and then put processes in place to deliver on those targets.

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